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Wheeled 320cm long  inner drum stainless outer painted  Portable rug wringer centrifuge RCS 114W

Comes with a easy to use time adjusted controlling Panel



Rug wringer centrifuges are mostly build with stainless steel (inox)inner drums with  galvanized and painted outer drums as standart. ( We do not carry nor offer  none inox inner drum centrifuges to our clients)

Three different sizes of inner drum diameters  mainly used are 32cm,40cm and 50cm

Regarding the length of the inner drums, minimum preferred length  is  2.70cm. From special centrifuges with the inner drum size of 120cm( for car mat drying) to Centrifuges with inner drums up to 4.50cm are also customly built to be used in countries with common wider area Rugs.

Rug Wringer Centrifuges with any drum diameter, lengh or outer drum with stainless steel or  models with preinstalled motor controller units  which offer  the option of magnetic breaking and soft start features along with reverse spinning option (to get Rugs out of the drum easier) can be customly built upon request.

Regarding Desing of the Rug wringer centrifuges , 2 most preferred types are  built to be either with wheels or with stablising legs equipped along with shocks and springs. Footed models  are more resistant to vibrations due to their extra  weight and suspension systems. Tecnically spoken ,footed ones will last longer since they work at minimal vibrations.  Although wheeled ones give you the advantage of moving around easily.Wheeled ones are also preffered for being closer to the ground as it makes them  easier to load rugs in them with least power. Centrifuges with different lid types or even lidless ones are also available .. Please go through our inventory to see all available models .



Operating Rug wringer centrifuges are very simple, basicly wet rugs are rolled and placed into the Centrifuge’s inner drum and run through aproximately 4-6  minutes. Then Rugs required to be hanged for drying for 5 to 35 hours  (depending on wheather conditions ) before its ready for delivering . These are industrial machines therefore they must be operated in a carefull manner by trained adults.

Rug wringer centrifuges must only be used for the purpose of drying rugs. Neither RugCleaningStuFF nor manufacturers accept any responsibility of the potential risks of harmful results caused by improper usage.

One of the most  important thing to watch out for is the rug rolling direction ,rugs must be rolled  accourding to the direction marked on the lid of the centrifuge. Sometimes due to different phase configuration in your shop, motor might turn the inner drum in wrong direction , please run it for first time without a Rug inside and make sure motor turns the way as shown with an arrow on it..Please do not run it with the door open , and wait untill motor completely stops before you open the door.

Rug wringer centrifuges are proven to be very safe on most rugs . Except for rubber back,leather or both side glued rugs.  Since these are industrial machines, their life time depends mainly on the operator. The most important thing is the grounding,All of the wringer centrifuges come with a grounding line. For your own safety Please make sure the grounding is done properly by a qualified technician before you run the machine. Please make sure your electrical supply is 3 phase and has minimum of  62 amps , as the motor will need 52 amps minimum to start then it will reduce to around  24 amps.. Most of the electrical motors on the wringers happen to work best with a star triangle connection type…

if you happen to dry carpets that are much shorter than the size of the inner drum ,please make sure you place them evenly  balanced in the drum ,do not push all the way to the end or leave it front, try to place it in the middle.

Regarding basic maintanence, Its pretty much easy to keep your centrifuge in good condition just by checking couple of things every  10 days.  Bearings in the back must be lubricated using a little amount of grease oil once every week depending on usage . Belts must be checked regulary and tinghted  as needed.

Type Wheeled
Voltage   (V-Hz) 380-50
Motor power   (Kw) 5,5
Inner Drum Lenght (Cm/Ft) 330/10.83
Inner Drum Diameter (Cm/Ft) 39/1.28
Inner Drum Material( Standart) Stainless Steel
Outer Drum Material(Optional) Galvanized Iron
Motor speed(Rpm) 1400
Drum spinning rate(Rpm) 1000
Weight(Kg) 455