USA – Referances

Company Customer Services Country
DISTINCTIVE CLEANING & RESTORATIONS Mr. Alan F. Rinse Wringer, Washtub, Tumbler, Centrifuges IN / USA
RUGS A BOUND , LLC Mr. Mark G. Rinse Wringer GA / USA
THORNTON HOLDINGS INCORPORATED INC. Mr. Bill T. 10” All Stainless Washtub, Dual Beater Rug Duster, 14ft Centrifuge LF / USA
THE RUG RESCUE INC. Mr. Ken C. 14ft Centrifuge & Dual Rug Beater BM146 MA / USA
DUKE BROTHERS INC. Mr. Barry D. 14ft Dual Beater Rug Duster BM146 VA / USA
NEEDLE POINT RUG CLEANING INC. Mr. Francis C. Automated Flat Bed Rug Washer With Wringer RWM157 & WT120S Washtub LA / USA
WHITTCO & MEISO INC. Mr. Nate D. Washtub, Centrifuge, Tumbler, Dual Rug Beater HI / USA
RUSTIGIAN RUGS INC. Mrs. Roz R. 14ft Centrifuge & Rug Tumbler RI / USA
ONEWAY CLEANING INC. Mr. Ron C. 10” Tumble Duster & 14ft Centrifuge NM / USA
BEDFORD DECORATİVE COLORS & RUGS Mr. Ernesto B. 12ft Centrifuge MA / USA
DAWOOD SON’S PERSIAN RUGS Mr. Shahnaz E. Rug Tumbler Duster CA / USA
SUPERIOR RUG SERVICES INC. Mr. Shane 12ft & 14ft Centrifuge CA / USA
JIM MASSEY INC. Mr. John M. Electric Hanger & Centrifuge & Rug Lifter AL / USA
EAST BAY ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING Mr. Eric C. 10” Rug Tumble Duster & 13ft Rug Washtub CA / USA
BAY AREA CLEAN CARE INC. Mr. Clint S. Rug Centrifuge MI / USA
MAXIMILLIAN INDUSTRIES, LLC Mr. Tony Tower Rug Hanger, Rug Centrifuge MA / USA
PRESTIGE CLEANERS INC. Mr. Eddie M. Rug Centirfuge TN / USA
ENVER FROM DENVER FINE RUGS & RESTORATIONS Mr. Enver K. 14ft Centrifuge & 7ft Rug Tumbler CO / USA
PARROT RUG CLEANING DYING INC. Mr. Jon O. 12ft Centrifuge, Rug Tumbler, Rug Holder Pad, Rug Wushtub MN / USA