RugWashTub WT120S

RugWashTub WT120S



RugWashTub WT120S

Great Advanced Rug Washing Tub WT120S

Engineered by SpinForce to get you the most effortless operation in Rug washing

SpinForce Rug Washing Tub WT120S is equipped with an Automated press rug Wringing Mechanism , Not only heps removing up to %60 of the water out of rugs but also helps the operator to load rugs into the tub effortlessly.

SpinForce Rug Washing Tub WT120S is equipped with water circlation filtering system. Water in the Tub is circlated through the filtering system ,filtered water is pushed back in to the tub allowing to use of the wateer in the tub longer time .

SpinForce Rug Washing Tub WT120S is equipped with Paddle rotation timer unit, Allowing the user to set a time frame for the paddle to keep on changing direction of rotating.

Built out of Full 304 quality stainless steel

Heavy and strong construction to last life time

RugWashTub WT120S

Entire machine made of 304 quality stainless steel
Automated Press rug wringing mechanism
Working capacity up to 700m2 of rugs on single washing machine filling
15-20 rugs load at the same time
Low cost of detergent
Automatic timer controlled rotation change
Effortless rug loading into the tub by the wringing sysyem
Dirt separation& Filtering system
Reusable life time filter
Heavy and strong construction to last life time,


Technical Data

Maximum Rug Width : 3,6 m /12ft

Working capacity : 150 m²/h

Outer Dimensions

Length : 3900 mm / 12.8ft

Width : 2150 mm / 7ft

Height : 1700 mm / 5,5ft

Inner Dimensions

Length : 3600 mm / 12ft

Width : 2000 mm / 6.6ft

Height : 106 mm / 3,5ft

Weight : 1370 kg

Inner & Outer Material : Stainless Steel

Water Tank Capacity : 5000 litter / 1250 gallons

Number of Water Drains : 1

Paddle Engine Power : 2.2kw

Wringer Roller Engine Power : 1.1kw

Wringer Up&Down Engine Power: 1.5kw

Paddle Spin Rate : 40 r.p.m.

Power Supply : 380v or 220v of 3 phase electricity

Total Power Consumption an hour : 3kw

Inverter : Yes

Dirt Separation &Water circlation System : Yes

Reusable & Cleanble Filter : Yes

Time adjusted Paddle Rotation Change : Yes


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