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All of the Professional  Rug Cleaning businesses around the World  use main consumables  required to oparete the business  such as Cleaning detergants ,softners, Chemichal  stain removers, Rug  keeping materials( breating clothes,plastic,nylon covers) labeling stickers, advertising brochures etc.

Quality of  consumables used in your business  takes a great effect on the quality of  service you provide to your clients . That is why we offer the best  and latest stuff avaliable in the market today , please search our inventory and contact us for a competitive quotation.

See Technical specifications page for pricing.


Nylon Rug keepers : We offer 3 different qualities of the Nylon covers, difference is in the tickness and resistance of the Nylon. (avaliable diameter sizes : 38cm/50cm)

A1 Quality:  4.35 Euro/kg

A2 Quality  3.55 Euro/kg

A3 Quality  2.95 Euro/kg

Cloth Rug covers ( Breathing Type) : There are 2 diameter sizes avaliable 38/50 cm,printing information on the covers is also avaliable.We require your logo and phone numbers sent to us in JPG format.. There is only 1 time preparing clishe fee of 650€

1 Bundle 500 meter 38 diameter : 260€

1 Bundle 500 meter 50 diameter : 345€

Rug / Carpet Cleaning Shampoos :  Safe and helpful on all type of rugs with mixture rate of 2lt /100lt of water

1 Drum 30lt concentrated Rug washing shampoo : 59€ ( minimum order 10 drums)

Rug/Carpet stain remover :Very effective on most stubburn stains such as urine,wine,blood,etc.

1 Drum 30lt of  Rug stain remover : 70€ ( minimum order 10 drums)

Water based fresh smell rug odor removers / Parfumes

1 Drum 30lt of  Rug rug odor removers / Parfume : 95€ ( minimum order 10 drums)