Rug wringer centrifuges are mostly build with stainless steel (inox)inner drums with galvanized and painted outer drums as standart. ( We do not carry nor offer none inox inner drum centrifuges to our clients)

Three different sizes of inner drum diameters mainly used are 32cm,40cm and 50cm

Regarding the length of the inner drums, minimum preferred length is 2.70cm. From special centrifuges with the inner drum size of 120cm( for car mat drying) to Centrifuges with inner drums up to 4.50cm are also customly built to be used in countries with common wider area Rugs.

Rug Wringer Centrifuges with any drum diameter, lengh or outer drum with stainless steel or models with preinstalled motor controller units which offer the option of magnetic breaking and soft start features along with reverse spinning option (to get Rugs out of the drum easier) can be customly built upon request.

Regarding Desing of the Rug wringer centrifuges , 2 most preferred types are built to be either with wheels or with stablising legs equipped along with shocks and springs. Footed models are more resistant to vibrations due to their extra weight and suspension systems. Tecnically spoken ,footed ones will last longer since they work at minimal vibrations. Although wheeled ones give you the advantage of moving around easily.Wheeled ones are also preffered for being closer to the ground as it makes them easier to load rugs in them with least power. Centrifuges with different lid types or even lidless ones are also available .. Please go through our inventory to see all available models .