Rug wringer centrifuges are essential to all rug Cleaning businesses operating all around the World. Its a must have, here is why;

It is almost technically impossibble to perfectly clean any type of an area rug without applying water and special treatments with chemichals throughout. Depending on the type of rugs and stiffness of stains, more water,variety of chemichals and extra brushing and scrubbing might be required . Even though industrial Rug Cleaning machineries that are avaliable nowadays make it easier for the business owners saving on time and labor, its Always been possibble to brush clean a rug manually by hand without the need of any machinery. But when it comes to drying a wet rug, its not Always that easy.

In the old days most Rug cleaners used to rely on vacuuming to get water out of freshly washed wet rugs before hanging them . Although we can not deny that its usefull to some degree , but its definately not good enough at all to extract more than %50 of water out of rugs. Unortunately there are still a majority of Rug cleaners all around the World without proper equipment or knowledge about innoviations in the sector. With recent improvements on Rug wringing Technologies ,getting up to %95 of water out of a rug is done very conviniently in only few minutes. Extracting water out of Rugs the most efficient way will also enhance the quality of the cleaning. Every single drop of water that is left in Rugs after cleaning, contains dirt particals in it. You may hang a wet rug under Sun shine and wait for days to dry. Water will adventually evaporate but the dirt that was in the water will stick to Rugs. Moreover Rugs that are not extracted the right way can also be considered as not cleaned efficiently.

Another great advantage of using Rug wringer centrifuges is the easy and affordless rinsing feature , most centrifuges come standard with a water inlet on the lid side. So that a hose can be connected to let water go into the centrifuge while spinning the rug inside, this will help the rug inside get rinsed before fully wringed. Saving you time and labor of doing it any otherway.

So as we can see, wringer centrifuges does not only provide convinient and efficient drying and rinsing of Rugs up to %95 only in a few minutes but also help increasing the quality of cleaning while reducing the costs. This is why its the best investment a professional rug cleaner can do for his esteemed business.

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