There are mainly 2 types of professional Full and Semi automatic Rug washing machines offered on the market. These are basicly Wash tubs and Table type Flat bed conveyor system washing machines. Main logic on flat bed washers is scrubbing and brushing rugs using chemichal mixed water. Rug Washing Tubs on the other hand can wash multible Rugs at the same time by swimming the rugs within the tub involving chemichals. Both type of machines come with their advantages and disadvantages one to the other..

Most Flatbed Rug washing Machines adjusts the consumption of the detergant and water itself depending on the program set by the operator. This also avoids extra labor needed to add water or detergants manually.

Aproximate electric consumption of these machines may vary from 5kw to 17kw.(depending on the size and number of brushes etc.) Most have the capacity to wash a 6sqm carpet in about 5 minutes. Only less than 1,5kw of electricity needed to wash a 6sqm carpet. Water consumption may vary from 30 to 60 litters depending on the program set by the operator. We are willing to offer you the machine that will fit your businesses specific needs and expectations. With an aim to perfect customer satisfaction , after sale service and of course most competitive prices ever.