Rug wringer centrifuges are essential to all rug Cleaning businesses operating all around the World.  Its a must have, here is why ;

It is almost technically impossibble to perfectly clean any type of an area rug without applying water and special treatments with chemichals throughout. Depending on the type of rugs and stiffness of  stains, more water,variety of chemichals and extra brushing and scrubbing might be required . Even though industrial Rug Cleaning machineries  that are  avaliable nowadays  make it easier for the business owners  saving on time and labor,  its  Always been  possibble  to brush clean a rug manually by hand without the need of any machinery. But when it comes to drying a wet rug, its not Always that easy.

In the old days most Rug cleaners used to rely on vacuuming to get  water out of freshly washed wet rugs before hanging them .  Although  we can not deny that its usefull to some degree , but its definately not good enough at all to extract more than %50 of water out of  rugs.  Unortunately there are still a majority of Rug cleaners all around the World without proper equipment or knowledge about  innoviations in the sector. With recent improvements on Rug wringing Technologies ,getting up to %95 of  water out of a rug is done very  conviniently in only few minutes.  Extracting water out of Rugs the most efficient way will also enhance the quality of the cleaning.   Every single drop of water that is left in Rugs after cleaning, contains dirt particals in it. You may hang a wet rug under Sun shine and wait for days to dry.  Water will adventually  evaporate but the dirt that was in the water will stick to Rugs. Moreover Rugs that are not extracted the right way can also be considered as not cleaned efficiently.

Another great advantage of using Rug wringer centrifuges is the easy and affordless rinsing feature , most centrifuges come standard with a water inlet on the lid side. So that a hose can be connected to let water go into the centrifuge while spinning the rug inside, this will help the rug inside get rinsed before fully wringed. Saving you time and labor of doing it any otherway.

So as we can see, wringer centrifuges does not only  provide convinient  and efficient drying and rinsing of Rugs  up to %95 only  in a few minutes  but also help increasing the quality of cleaning while reducing the costs.  This is why its the best investment a professional rug cleaner can do for his esteemed business.

We are  willing to supply you the most approtiative Rug cleaning stuff for your business needs. Please browse our inventory to find the one that would suit your needs the best !  And please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about any of the products that we carry..

Requests for custom built machines with any colour combination or name sticker  are also welcomed.


Rug wringer centrifuges are mostly build with stainless steel (inox)inner drums with  galvanized and painted outer drums as standart. ( We do not carry nor offer  none inox inner drum centrifuges to our clients)

Three different sizes of inner drum diameters  mainly used are 32cm,40cm and 50cm

Regarding the length of the inner drums, minimum preferred length  is  2.70cm. From special centrifuges with the inner drum size of 120cm( for car mat drying) to Centrifuges with inner drums up to 4.50cm are also customly built to be used in countries with common wider area Rugs.

Rug Wringer Centrifuges with any drum diameter, lengh or outer drum with stainless steel or  models with preinstalled motor controller units  which offer  the option of magnetic breaking and soft start features along with reverse spinning option (to get Rugs out of the drum easier) can be customly built upon request.

Regarding Desing of the Rug wringer centrifuges , 2 most preferred types are  built to be either with wheels or with stablising legs equipped along with shocks and springs. Footed models  are more resistant to vibrations due to their extra  weight and suspension systems. Tecnically spoken ,footed ones will last longer since they work at minimal vibrations.  Although wheeled ones give you the advantage of moving around easily.Wheeled ones are also preffered for being closer to the ground as it makes them  easier to load rugs in them with least power. Centrifuges with different lid types or even lidless ones are also available .. Please go through our inventory to see all available models .



Operating Rug wringer centrifuges are very simple, basicly wet rugs are rolled and placed into the Centrifuge’s inner drum and run through aproximately 4-6  minutes. Then Rugs required to be hanged for drying for 5 to 35 hours  (depending on whether conditions ) before its ready for delivering . These are industrial machines therefore they must be operated in a carefull manner by trained adults.

Rug wringer centrifuges must only be used for the purpose of drying rugs. manufacturers do not accept any responsibility of the potential risks of serious injury or Death caused by misfunction.

One of the most  important thing to watch out for is the rug rolling direction ,rugs must be rolled  accourding to the direction marked on the lid of the centrifuge. Sometimes due to different phase configuration in your shop, motor might turn the inner drum in wrong direction , please run it for first time without a Rug inside and make sure motor turns the way as shown with an arrow on it..Please do not run it with the door open , and wait untill motor completely stops before you open the door.

Rug wringer centrifuges are proven to be very safe on most rugs . Except for rubber back,leather or both side glued rugs.  Since these are industrial machines, their life time depends mainly on the operator. The most important thing is the grounding,All of the wringer centrifuges come with a grounding line. For your own safety Please make sure the grounding is done properly by a qualified technician before you run the machine. Please make sure your electrical supply is 3 phase and has minimum of  62 amps , as the motor will need 52 amps minimum to start then it will reduce to around  24 amps.. Most of the electrical motors on the wringers happen to work best with a star triangle connection type…

if you happen to wring rug that are much shorter than the size of the inner drum ,please make sure you place them evenly  balanced in the drum ,do not push all the way to the end or leave it front, try to place it in the middle.

Regarding basic maintanence, Its pretty much easy to keep your centrifuge in good condition just by checking couple of things every  one a month  Both Bearings at the cap and in the back must be lubricated using a grease pump once a month depending on usage . Belts must be checked regulary and tinghted  as needed.



There are mainly 2 types of professional  Full and Semi automatic Rug washing machines offered on the market.  These are basicly Wash tubs and  Table type Flat bed conveyor system washing machines. Main logic on flat bed washers  is scrubbing and brushing rugs using chemichal mixed water.  Rug Washing Tubs on the other hand can wash multible Rugs at the same time by swimming the rugs within the tub involving chemichals.  Both type of machines come with their advantages and disadvantages one to the other..

Most Flatbed Rug washing Machines adjusts the consumption of the detergant and water itself depending on the program set by the operator. This also avoids extra labor needed to add water or detergants manually.

Aproximate electric consumption of these machines may vary from 5kw to 17kw.(depending on the size and number of brushes etc.)   Most have  the capacity to wash a 6sqm carpet in about 5 minutes. Only less than 1,5kw of electricity needed to wash a 6sqm carpet.  Water consumption may vary from 30 to 60 litters depending on the program set by the operator. We are willing to offer you the machine that will fit your businesses specific needs and expectations. With an aim to perfect customer satisfaction , after sale service and of course most competitive prices ever .



Profesional steam and vacuum cleaners  are specially designed and used for quick and effective cleaning of all textile surfaces such as upholsteries,carpets,rugs, etc. ..

The biggest advantage of using steam is that it desinfects the surfaces its aplied to.  Steam’s  minimum 140 degrees of heat kills all household mites,germs that can survive in almost any weather conditions even up to 80 degrees of heat.  Cleaning with steam avoids the need for chemichals  therefore no residue of any kind of chemicals are left on household surfaces.  As some of those cleaning chemichals can be hazardous to not only household pets but to babies, under age kids or even adults with breathing difficulties such as asthma.

One other advantage of steam cleaning is that drying process ,after cleaning does not take much time compering to hot water cleaning.   Considering all of these advantages ,nowonder why  steam is the most preferred way of cleaning all around the world.






DE- Dusting Rugs is the very  first and important stage of the Rug Cleaning proccess . Most of the  Professional rug cleaners Always de-dust rugs before moving on to any other treatment involving  water and chemichals. There have been different  techniques to do de-dusting  of rugs.  In the old days it was commonly done by beating rugs with rubber coated sticks to remove dusts. Nowadays with the improving technology on machineries, there are mainly 3 types of de-dusting machines avaliable, manual walk behind type , Table type full and semi automatic De-dusters with conveyor systems and vacuuming feature as well as Rug Tumbler Dusters.  Using a manual type dusting machine  will require the operator  to push it on rugs for dusting. Dust coming out of  rugs have to be picked up and disposed manually afterwards as well .Studies have proven that at least 50 to 200gr of dust ,hair,feathers and stiff dirt particals happen to come out of an avarage 9sqm rug. While manual rug de-dusters get the job done at an affordable level , they rely on man power increasing the cost of labor.  Table type of Automatic de-dusters on the other hand provide faster and easier operation with the oppurtunity to de dust each individual Rug per time to insure perfect Hygiene. Only other hand the Rug Tumbler Dusters do a great job of de-dusting several rugs at the same time saving on Labor.

Regardless of the type of the machine used for de-dusting, De dusting  is very essential for the Cleaning quality and it must be done.  De -dusting rugs efficiently does not only increase the Cleaning quality but also makes it easier to get rid of stains and dirts on washing proccess , saving you water and checmichals plus shortening the time needed for washing.

Please check out our inventory for avaliable De-duster models .



Industrial De-humidifiers are known to be used in the fields of drying many things. They can be very helpfull especiall in locations where the weather conditions are mostly humid ..  Even after the wringing procsess , rugs still require to be hanged  to be  %100 dry.  Depending on the weather conditions  period of time needed  for hanging may vary from 10 to 45 hours.

Industrial  de-humidifiers do a great job by shortening the time needed for  drying  of rugs at the last stage while hanged.  A sepacial issoliated drying room is required .  Drying capacity and time may vary depending on the power of de-humidifiers.  For instance  a 2,5 kw de-humidifier  can dry up to 250sqm of rugs in an isolated 30sqm room .  Please browse our inventory for different models.



Most of the Rug cleaners who are even equipped with the  latest technology  Rug Cleaning and washing machines  ,Rug Cleaners  biggest complaint is still about lifting  wet and heavy rugs  .  As Rugs are cleaned  in different techniques with different locations in cleaning plants, carrying them around is neccesery. That is why we offer great lifters that save you time and man power.



All of the Professional  Rug Cleaning businesses around the World  use main consumables  required to oparete the business  such as Cleaning detergants ,softners, Chemical  stain removers, Rug  keeping materials( breating clothes,plastic,nylon covers) labeling stickers, advertising brochures etc.

Quality of  consumables used in your business  takes a great effect on the quality of  service you provide to your clients . That is why we offer the best  and latest stuff avaliable in the market today , please search our inventory and contact us for a competitive quotation.



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