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Great labor saving Yet very Affordable to have Automated Rug Washing machine is designed to wash all types of rugs & carpets as well as rug type matts  Automaticly in less than 5 minutes with 4 rotary brushes on a conveyor system for scrub washing on top of Rugs / Carpets  ,. Built in 220cm long cyldrical brush for  brushing down side of rugs carpets.

SpinForce Automated Rug washer can be built in different washing bench width sizes of 220cm/ 260cm /320cm/360cm/420cm  with 4/6/8 rotary brushes. Production time may vary.

SpinForce Automated Rug washer RWM74 built of  Rust proof Galvanized plated materials

Comes as a package of 4 pcs,

#1 Machine itself

#2  600 litter Stainless steel presoking Tank

#3  350 litter Plastic solution tank

#4   Rug carriying trolley

Optional production with different specifications is avaliable upon client request

Please watch the demo of the machine on the video page

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Starting at only 10.599USD !

Rug Washing Bench  Width                    : 230cm /14ft  ( Optional sizes of production avaliable )

Rug Washing Bench Lenght                    : 110cm

Conveyor Band Power                             : 1,1kw

Conveyor Band Speed                             : Adjustable

Number of Brushes & Power                   : 4 x 0.75Kw

Brushes Moving Speed                             : Standard

Shampoo remover (squeegy) power      : None powered

Shampoo remover Speed                         : None

Number and Size of Rotary brushes        : 4/38cm

Number and Size of Cyldrical brushes     : 1 / 200cm

Power of Cyldrical Brushes                        :  1.1kw

Total Power                                                 : 6kw 380v-50hz 3 phase

Total Washing Capacity  at full speed      : 50sqm / 400ft2

Easy to operate all actions on a single controlling panel

Can be Shipped to any port in the World with all components together  in a 20ft container.  Shipped Plug&Play no installation Required.

Free Training provided at the buyers location

Please watch the demo of the Automated Rug Washing Machine RWM74 on the video page