Automated Table Top Rug Duster BM114

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Automated table top rug dusting machine with double beating sticks ensuring efficient de- dusting of all types of area rugs.  Desinged to get the dusted rugs back out on the front of the machine to save space while operating. Enabling the operator to place the machine against a Wall.

Efficiently beats all area rugs, carpets,with doublebeaters

Strong Full Metal Construction

Wheeled for easy moving around your shop

Equipped with an on/off switch and emergency stop as well as a conveyor speed adjuster

Vacuuming unit helps collect all removed dusts and dirt particals stored in the cloth filter.

Reusable cloth filter can hold up to 3kg/5ıbs of dust, providing easy disposal.

Enviroment friendly keeping all the dust and dirt particals off rugs safely stored inside.

Can be built in custom sizes  7ft ( 220cm) / 9ft(270cm) / 11ft(320cm) /12ft(360cm) / 14ft ( 420cm)

Easy to operate , de dust your area rugs in less than 3 minutes !


Voltage  : 380v-50hz 3 phase ( can beconfigured to work with 220v-60hz 3 phase)

Total power : 4,5kw

Rug beating rate : 700rpm per minute

Vacuuming power : 2500 watts

Rug feeding ( conveyor) speed adjustment : Yes

Please watch demonstration video